Macroeconomic modelling for policy making

1 day training course

This one day course considers the wider applications of models for use in policy making. It is designed for policy makers who must interpret and work with the results from modelling exercises.

We present the different types of models that are currently in use and discuss how the modelling approaches have changed over time in line with developments in economic theory.

After completing the course, participants should be equipped to better understand the types of models that are suitable for answering particular policy questions, and have a better sense of the key assumptions involved in model-based analyses.

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The economics and environmental interactions of the E3ME model

1 – 2 day training course

In this course we introduce the basics of post-Keynesian economics and how it is represented in the E3ME model framework.

We also present the energy-environment-economy interlinkages in the model and provide an overview of the econometrics in the model’s behavioural equations.

Throughout the course we provide examples of how the model has been used in our published work and some of the key interactions and sensitivities in the model, including how it compares to other tools currently in operation.

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Please note that we currently offer E3ME training and licenses only as part of existing E3ME projects and do not offer external standalone training