Mary Goldman

Mary Goldman

Mary is primarily responsible for contributing to macroeconomic modelling work. Mary has recently led the modelling in a project for the European Commission (DG Climate Action) to assess the economic impacts of various environmental tax policies across the EU.

Part of the analysis included assessing how the environmental tax policies impacted electricity prices faced by consumers due to changes in energy demand and the energy generation mix engendered by the policies.


Mary has also contributed to ongoing work for the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) assessment of a low-carbon transition, estimating the impacts of such a transition on employment and welfare.

Ongoing work that Mary is involved in includes econometric estimates for the European Commission (DG Climate Action) on the drivers of wholesale electricity prices.


Mary received a B.A in Economics and Political Economy from Hampshire College, a liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts, and completed an MSc in Behavioural Economics and Finance at the University of Exeter where she completed a dissertation on agent self-selection in competitive labour markets.