Unnada Chewpreecha

Unnada Chewpreecha is the principal economic modeller at Cambridge Econometrics. She has over 15 years’ experience in the development and application of CE’s E3ME model, as well as custom-made country-specific E3 models for Thailand, India, Brazil, Kosovo and the US.

Her expertise is in the application and development of E3ME and other models to provide macroeconomic analysis of the climate, energy and resource efficiency policies. Her recent E3-modelling contributions cover a variety of topics including low carbon transition, net-zero emissions, energy and resource efficiency, carbon and energy taxation, environmental tax reform, renewable policies in the power and transport sectors, and regulatory standards.

She acquired specialist knowledge of the East Asian economy, stretching to ASEAN countries through her contribution to various chapters of the book Low-carbon, Sustainable Future in East Asia, which evaluated a set of decarbonisation pathways across East Asia. More recently, she contributes to carbon-neutrality policy briefs for various countries including, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina and the EU.

Beyond her technical contributions, Unnada has extensive project management experience. She also regularly runs E3ME and general macroeconomic modelling training courses in the UK and abroad. Her written contributions range from policy briefs, blog posts, book chapters, technical reports, and academic papers.