New version of the E3ME model for 2019

version 2019 new E3ME

E3ME continues to evolve with the hard work of our team of modellers here at Cambridge Econometrics and the input of our highly valued academic collaborators.

So, it is once again time for improvements.

E3ME version 7.0 is currently near completion and will become operational in July 2019.  It will include:

A new FTT sub-model for land use is under development and is expected to be integrated later in 2019.

We will not stop there. The E3ME model undergoes a constant cycle of improvement and we expect the next round of developments to start in the Autumn.

E3ME version 6.0 was the first global version of the model. It has been operational since 2014 and has been a core part of a rapid expansion of modelling work at Cambridge Econometrics.

During this time, E3ME has been expanded to include gender-based labour market equations and its treatment of innovation and economic capacity have been revised.

The number of FTT models has been expanded to cover passenger transport, household heating and steel, as well as the power sector. The new model version will carry these developments forwards.

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