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Sustainability in East Asia

solar wind city

In September 2019 our latest book, Energy, Environmental and Economic Sustainability in East Asia, was published. It presents the results of our recent research with the REEPS network of environmental and ecological economists in East Asia.
Our analysis highlights some o…

New version of the E3ME model for 2019

version 2019 new E3ME

E3ME continues to evolve with the hard work of our team of modellers here at Cambridge Econometrics and the input of our highly valued academic collaborators.


So, it is once again time for improvements.


E3ME version 7.0 is currently near completion and w…

The modelling behind the New Climate Economy 2018 Report

Blog by Michael I. Westphal, Dora Fazekas and Leonardo Garrido originally posted on the World Resources Institute website here.

The world is vastly underestimating the benefits of acting on climate change. Recent research from the Global Commission on the Economy and Cl…